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Wyoming NORML is in its second year of our educational campaign and we are driving to place an Initiative on the 2016 Ballot so that the voters of Wyoming will be able to express their endorsement for ending the war on drugs at the polls.

We are a grassroots, homegrown organization of over 3,500 persons who want to end the targeting of our young people for possession and use of a completely beneficial substance that has never killed or maimed anyone, despite some scare reports in the media.

We wish for children now placed in foster care to be safely reunited with parents. We wish for all low level felony convictions to be pardoned and removed from personal police records. We wish for all gun owners to retain their rights to hunt and own firearms whether Cannabis users or not.

We want to add Hemp to our Agricultural systems and to diversify our economy as well as to add Medical Cannabis as an alternative treatment choice for all. Most of all, we want to stop the police from raiding our homes, cause death to both people and pets along with destruction and forfeiture of property in the name of "Drug Enforcement" . We could use your help.

We advocate Medical Legalization and taxation with the revenue going to our state coffers to lessen our dependence on the minerals industry for our school and perhaps, Urban Renewal funding. We have not had, nor do we seek, the monies that have entered into some of the races to legalize in other states. We have not allowed Big Pharma to take over our campaign.  We are entirely funded by YOUR donations. 

We stand alone as your representatives with Wyoming Legislators and the public for legalization of the whole plant.  In this conservative state, it has been difficult to find people who, while they advocate legalization are fearful of speaking out because of "what people will think of them" or their jobs don't allow them to have a public opinion - quite a lot of people in that category - and that's why we need this change.  We should see if this system of government actually works to include the People of Wyoming. 

Please, HELP us to drive this forward. Even a small contribution will help us to place newspaper ads, provide programs and the education we can provide to the public.  This is and incentive for others to come to see that the only sensible thing to do with this substance is legalize and use it for our good health, should we coose. Thank your for your support!   

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There are

 10 Good Reasons to Legalize Cannabis in Wyoming.  

You will Not find ONE GOOD REASON Not To Because there is not even ONE!

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