Wyoming NORML has partnered with the Wyoming Patients Coalition, TRUCE, and the Libertarian Party to petition the Wyoming people to put cannabis decriminalization and medical cannabis access on the ballot for a vote in 2022! We have already gathered well over the number of sponsors required by the Secretary of State, and as soon as they approve those signatures as belonging to registered Wyoming voters, they will have the petitions printed, and we will spread them around the state for you all to sign. Follow us on Facebook for updates on the petition process. If you want to volunteer to help these efforts move forward, reach out to Carrie at [email protected], and join the C.O.W. Medical Cannabis Initiative Street Team group on Facebook by answering the membership questions. All donations are greatly appreciated. It’s time, Wyoming! We will get this done!

Final Decrim Initiative

Final Revisions Wyoming Medical Cannabis Initiative


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Wyoming NORML is speaking with one strong voice for the reform of marijuana laws in Wyoming.

In the recent past our focus has been on the Peggy A. Kelly Wyoming Cannabis Act.  Wyoming NORML was one of the organizations circulating the petitions, and our members worked tirelessly to collect signatures.  We thank each and every one who participated in this effort!  Wyoming NORML was also working with legislators to introduce Cannabis and Hemp bills for the 2017 legislative session.  We are proud that HB230, Hemp as an Industrial Crop, was passed into law.  Positive progress was made in the 2017 Legislative session with a record number of bills calling for marijuana reform being introduced.  A few of these bills made it through the entire session before being voted down.  For Wyoming this is major progress in just a few years.  Then in 2018 board members lobbied legislators during the session to lead the defeat of a bill that would have set felony limits of edible cannabis at just 3 ounces.  Wyoming NORML’s 2019 Citizen Lobby Day was well attended, and we coordinated with Better Wyoming to draw attention to an improved Hemp bill which sailed easily through both houses in spite of opposition from state Republican leadership and WASCOP.  Our lobby day last February (2020) was the biggest and most successful yet, as we had the greatest number of attendees so far, and we met with activists from around the state and beyond to hand out educational material to every member of the Wyoming House and Senate

What are the future goals of Wyoming NORML?

The Board of Directors has maintained a few goals.  First, we are looking at ways to raise funds for a possible future initiative drive.  Our Board members are working in communities across the state to provide truthful education to the public.  An educated voting population will make sound voting choices.  Wyoming NORML is dedicated to having representatives at legislative committee meetings that pertain to cannabis reform and to meeting with Senators and Representatives individually to talk about cannabis law reform and how it affects their communities.  We have surveyed political candidates for their cannabis law reform positions and made that available to voters; we will continue to update this information and hold legislators accountable for what they say.  With two former legislators on our board we are present and connected to help craft and move cannabis law reform legislation through the process, and we are busy each and every day to meet these goals.  We are currently joining an in-state coalition with big plans for pushing forward in the next few years.  Please join us in this exciting endeavor!

Basic membership: $30.00
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All new memberships will receive a Wyoming NORML “Power to the Patients” t-shirt while supplies last. Please state your shirt size in your message, all shirts are 100% cotton (see picture).  We will advertise all business level supporters on our “Supporters” tab and at live events.

To send membership fees you can pay by going to the Join/Donate tab and use PayPal. You will have to send a private message to Bennett Sondeno at [email protected] when using the PayPal to pay for membership so we are aware that you are paying for membership and not just donating. You can send a check/money order to:

Bennett Sondeno, Wyoming NORML Treasurer
1537 Shepard Place
Cody, Wyoming 82414

We look forward to the fruits of education and working with Legislators to reform Cannabis laws in Big Wonderful Wyoming; be part of the change!

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