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Thanks for being a part of cannabis law reform in Wyoming! We encourage everyone to write a personal testimony about who you are and why you believe cannabis laws need to change. Are you professionally connected to law enforcement or the medical and health fields? Do you or someone you know have an interest in cannabis based medicine? Would you like to see hemp made available to Wyoming farmers and manufacturers? Tell us! PLEASE send us your stories! We would love to have a stack of handwritten or typed letters to publish for our legislators to see. You can also use the electronic form that follows, but it will be less personal. We encourage you to include your personal information so they know that these are indeed their constituents who are writing them; however, if fear holds you back, we will absolutely honor confidentiality requests. Thank you for speaking up!

Please send letters to: WY NORML, C/O Bennett Sondeno, 1537 Shepard Pl., Cody, WY, 82414.


To the Wyoming Legislature,

My name is Bennett Sondeno, and I grew up and reside in Cody. I have suffered most of my life with chronic digestive disease, and pharmaceutical drugs have all worsened my condition. I have experience with medicinal cannabis, and it is a gift from God, and opposition of cannabis is contrary to His Word (Genesis 1, Mark 7, and 1 Timothy 4). It works where other treatments fail. In desperation, I have repeatedly written to you for support and seen little. Over 80% of voting Wyomingites want cannabis based medicine made available, and over 70% want it decriminalized. Please remember that you were elected by and for these people and not the few law enforcement lobbyists that want to maintain their control and income. Join the vast majority and support access to medical cannabis and decriminalization of adult personal use. Thank you.

Bennett Sondeno
1537 Shepard Pl.
Cody, WY 82414

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